Q: What is a CDL?

A: CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. On this site, we only talk about CDL Class A – big rig, tractor-trailer, eighteen-wheeler, any commercial vehicle of 26,001 lbs. or more and  towing a trailer over 10,000 lbs.

Q: What is OTR?

A: OTR stands for Over-The-Road. Basically, it refers to driving in all 48 states.

Q: How do company-sponsored truck driving schools work? Are they free?

A: Yes, they are free to you as long as you drive for the sponsoring company for a few months. The cost is covered by a big trucking company. They need new drivers and you need a new driving career, so it's a win-win situation. Here is a list of most not-company-sponsored truck driving schools.

Q: Do I have to pay back my school tuition?

A: No, as long as you stay at work for a few months, your truck driving school fee will not be deducted from your paychecks. And, your pay will not be reduced just because you attended all-covered truck driving school.

Q: Is there any difference between truck driving school and CDL training?

A: Yes, there is a big difference. In school, you pretty much learn some very basic maneuvers and get your commercial driver’s license Class A (or CDL Class A).
In training, you go out on the road with a driver trainer (or mentor) and learn all the ins and outs of the trucking business.

Q: How long is truck driving school and how long is CDL training?

A: Most of these truck driving schools are three weeks. Driver training is about four to eight weeks.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to get into a company-sponsored driving school?

A: You have to be at least 21 and have had a driver’s license for at least a year. You have to have a good driving record (no recent DUI or DWI), stable work history (with no unexplained gaps), pass a criminal background (in most cases - no pending charges allowed). You will also be required to pass a DOT physical and drug tests. Your company will cover the cost of these tests.


More questions about Truck driving companies or truck driving school?

For more information or questions regarding truck driving schools or CDL, please contact a trucking company here.