You don't pay for truck driving school, get paid while in CDL training. And, have a very high paying trucking career. All you need to do is attend one of the company-sponsored truck driving schools listed here and complete the CDL training.

Only on this website, you can see the trucks, payscales, benefits...and everything else you should know about these schools.
Then, you contact the trucking company directly!

Imagine not paying for truck driving school, getting paid to earn your CDL Class A

and having a high-paying job waiting in the wings! If you are looking for company-sponsored truck driving schools, then you've come to the right place. Company-sponsored truck driving school is the way to go, and we've got the single best resource available for finding the one that is right for you.

Trucking industry leaders who will send you to one of their own truck driving schools and pay you while in CDL training! And, they will cover the truck driving school cost. And, get you paid CDL training. You'll get your CDL Class A and a very high paying job upon completion.

Why Truck Driving Schools & CDL Training, Co.?

The schools listed on our website are operated by the biggest trucking companies in the U.S. Only here you can:

  • See pictures of the truck you will be operating - know what you'll be driving
  • See pay scales offered - know how much you'll be making
  • See benefits offered by each trucking company
  • Apply online or on a toll-free number
  • Credit history never an issue

These are trucking companies that will provide you with:
  • Hotel and transportation expenses while you attend driving school
  • Your CDL fees
  • CDL license and a
  • Very high paying job

And the best part is you will leave this truck driving school with a brand new high paying trucking job. It's a no lose, win-win situation for everyone!

How These Truck Driving Schools Work

Here’s how it works. You apply to the truck driving school you are interested in working with. They send you to their own school. While you gain your license they will pay for your hotel, cover your transportation cost to and from the school, and pay the fee for your CDL Class A license.

What Happens After I Get My CDL?

Sure, you’ve got your CDL and a high paying trucking job, but driving a tractor trailer involves more than just steering the wheel. Visit our truck driver training page to learn about the amazing benefits you'll get after you've completed truck driving school through one of the great companies listed on our website.

How Do I Start?

Look through the truck driving schools page for companies offering this lucrative driver training and learn the facts about each one. Once you choose the company that is right for you, click the apply button and you are on your way to no-charge truck driving school and a secure, high paying trucking job. Of course, you could spend time, money and energy contacting the hundreds of trucking schools around the nation.